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    Are all the products you sell authentic?

    Yes. All the watches we have listed are genuine products. They come with original packaging, booklets, warranty card and certificate of authenticity (optional depends on the brands). Whatever you receive from a retail store, you will get it exactly the same buying from us.

    • Checking if the products are genuine is not an easy task. There are lots of information available online. However, not all of them are true. We have found many competitors having a go slamming our reputation with everything they got.
      Our responses are very simple:

      • we make the purchasing process as transparent as possible.
      • we provide you money back guarantee for your peace of mind.
      • we always post details photos of our products, including its movement, its finish, everything that the other sellers will not tell you. We post it in our blog

    We are more than willing to go the extra miles to ensure you that we have nothing to hide. So shop with confidence!

    Why are you guys so cheap?

    The truth of this question is simpler than you may think. We cut the costs, we stock less stock and we have fast turnovers.

    Cutting costs: We do not have any shopfront, showroom. We save lots of costs keeping staffs, having store insurance, having security setup etc.

    Stockless: We have a large range of products, but we do not have them in large quantity. We can get them directly from our connections within the industry. Hence we can have less upkeep provide the benefits to our clients.

    Fast Turnovers: On an average week, we turn over 1000 products, watches, bags, shoes, and more. We make a small margin on each item but our large turnover enable us to be sustainable over a long run. We select few shipping photos posted daily on our Facebook and Instagram.

    Can I come and pick up the product?

    Generally no. We do not have the facility to do pick up. If you want one product urgently. You can purchase it first with express shipping. Once you receive your order number, you can contact us to see if we can have it delivered faster. We will do everything we can to help.

    When can I receive my products and where are you shipping them from?

    We offer three shipping options:

    • Free shipping requires 10~15 business days that can deliver worldwide. We can provide you with tracking number. You can track the delivery with either internet tracking or online tracking.
    • Standard Shipping requires 5~10 business days, starting from 12 AUD. Internet tracking is available for this method.
    • Express shipping requires 3~5 business days, starting from 18 AUD. Internet tracking and SMS update are available. You MUST leave your MOBILE number to use this method and it CANNOT be delivered to postal office boxes (POBOX).

    Our warehouses are located in Hongkong, Sydney, and Houston Taxes USA. The parcel will be coming from either of these three locations depending on stock availability and the shipping method you choose.

    For all international shipping, we intentionally write down the parcel values so that you do not need to pay import taxes. If you see a lower value in the commercial invoices, please do not be surprised.

    Can I use Paypal to make payments?

    We do not use Paypal. We have tried it before but it takes too long for the payment to reach our bank account. In order to receive the discount we currently have with our suppliers and keep our prices low. We must pay them upfront before getting the stock. Using Paypal has created significant problems as we are not able to receive the funds in time. After careful consideration, we have stopped using Paypal. Currently we take credit card payment, bank transfer and cash on delivery. Please note you will need to pay 20% deposit via bank transfer if you choose to use cash on delivery.

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Knowledge Base

01. What information do I need before submitting for warranty claims

We generally just need your order number for warranty claims. The order number is the number showing in your order confirmation emails. It is different from shipping number or invoice number.
Additionally, we also need photos of the product you purchased in its current condition. If there is any defects or faults, you need to take clear photos of these defects and send it to us via sales@designerswatch.com.au.
We do not provide shipping labels for you to return the products if you simply change your mind.
If your delivery is not what you ordered or have damages upon receipt, please contact us within 7 business days upon receipt.

02. Is my watch water proof?

Generally no. In the watch industry, there is no such term as “waterproof”. The phrase used is “water-resistance”. There are two criteria for watch water resistance. Generally, for designer watch brands, a much loose but detailed criterion is used, ISO 2281. It specifics detailed conditions when the tests applied, details see wikipedia water resistant mark.

Reality is always quite different from the condition depicted in these conditions. No mentioning the water damages occurred to the watch leather band, the color tone etc. So we do not recommend to use those designer’s brand watch underwater under any circumstances.

Some people may say that they bought a designer’s watch a few years ago and it works perfectly in the water. We are suggesting not to put watch underwater as a general advice. Just to save the trouble of you having to send it back and wait if it happens. Chances are it may or may not happen. But it is always good to check the watch water resistance bar before. Not all the watches have the same water resistance rating. Some are suitable for swimming and some only suitable for hand washing.

Generally, the advice is that if you are not sure, please